Request for Transportation to an Alternate Residence

**Please note Procedure A3-Alternate Transportation has changed. Please see Procedure A-3 Alternate Transportation to review changes effective September 2022.***


Select the correct Alternate Transportation Form below. This form needs to be completed every school year in order for the alternate arrangements to be set up. If no form is received for the new school year your alternate arrangements will be deleted.


Approval may be contingent on available spaces on the school bus. Due to ridership, the bus stop assigned may not be the closest existing stop. 


You will need to download the form, complete the information electronically, save the completed form and then attach to an email to your school. All forms need to be returned to the school for principal approval.


All forms must be returned back to your child’s school by June 2, 2023 to guarantee alternate transportation is in place for the first day of school. Otherwise, it may take up to two weeks to process your request.


Please note when completing the form, it must include the complete 911 emergency address and telephone number of the alternate location(s). Forms must be completed in full so that we may confirm that your information is correct in our system.  Incomplete forms will be returned back to the school, which will cause delays.